Resources for the Classroom

The California Beef Council has a variety of resources available for classroom use geared to K-12. Resources include nutrition information, food preparation and cooking information, science lessons, and more. Email Annette Kassis at to request classroom materials.

All materials are provided to teachers free of charge, courtesy of the Beef Checkoff.

Beef Ag Mag

Grade Level: 3-9

This is a newspaper-style resource that incorporates multiple areas of the beef industry. Topics include U.S. beef statistics, nutrition, food safety, beef vocabulary, branding, common breeds and much more. This can be reproduced so each student can have a copy.

Basics About Beef

Grade Level: 5-12
This beef-focused workbook features information about nutrition, buying beef, beef cuts, food safety, cooking timetables, carving and much more. There are activities for students to complete such as a crossword and fill in the blank.

MyPlate Handout

Grade Level: 3-12
This is a double-sided sheet with MyPlate on the front side and an explanation of the five basic food groups and daily serving sizes on the reverse side.


Grade Level: K-6
This mini workbook focuses on bringing ZIP (Zinc, Iron, Protein) into the lives of children. The workbook features a word search, coloring page, crossword puzzle, facts, jokes, MyPlate and important information about the nutrients in beef.

Power Up with Lean Beef

Grade Level: 3-9
This brochure features easy beef recipes for kids, a word search, a hamburger maze, a healthy diet daily log and important information about nutrition.

Cow & A Worm

Grade Level: 5-6
Subjects: Science
Colorful, educational poster with accompanying activities demonstrates the positive role ruminants, especially cattle, play in our environment. A teacher's guide and five reproducible activities are printed on the reverse side of the poster.

Caretakers All

Grade Level: 3-8
Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Environmentally-based teaching kit that tells the story of stewardship, animal husbandry and ultimately good "caretaking." A total of six lessons are provided that teach students about five different environmental issues and how to apply those principles in their own community.

Celebrate America

Grade Level: 4-5
Subject: Social Studies
Social studies supplement that provides students the opportunity to explore the foods and traditions of their own individual and cultural backgrounds and gather information about how and when their families came to America. The kit includes a video, leader's guide containing activity masters, and a full-color poster.