diet trends

Beef & Diet Trends

When it comes to choosing an eating style that works for you, there are many choices. Most healthy diets have a lot in common, and beef plays an essential role in many healthy diets as an authentic high-quality protein with ten essential nutrients, like iron, zinc, and B-vitamins.

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heart health

Beef & Heart Health

Research on heart health shows that eating lean beef can be a solution to one of America's greatest health challenges. Not only can lean beef be part of a heart-healthy diet, but it can help lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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early years

Every Bite Counts--Feeding Beef in the Early Years

Every bite your baby takes counts, especially in the first 24 months of life. Starting your baby with beef as a complementary first food can ensure they get the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

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tweens & teens

Beef Helps Make Every Bite Count for Tweens & Teens

The tween and teen years are a time of transformational change and increasing independence, and adolescents' nutrient needs set the stage for optimal health and reduced chronic disease risk during adulthood.

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protein importance

Protein - Essential for Life

Beef is an excellent source of protein that contains essential amino acids. We learn from research that time is everything.

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early years

Vital Nutrients for Optimal Growth

The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes key nutrients found in beef support growth and cognitive development in infants in their early years. Learn more at

Beef in the Early Years


Protein-Packed Snacks & Meals

From shakes to bars, we see protein everywhere. But did you know that one of the best sources of protein may already be in your fridge?

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family meals

30 Minutes Or Less

Everybody's busy, but you don't have to sacrifice taste or nutrition. With a few common ingredients, in about 30 minutes or less, you can have a meal that's sure to satisfy.

30 Minutes or Less Recipes

Recipes Featured in our videos:

Farmer's Market Vegetable, Beef & Brown Rice Salad

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Ground Beef & Pasta Skillet Primavera

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Beef Jerky Trail Mix

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Well-Balanced Meals

Recipes that tastefully combine a variety of food groups to achieve the perfect balance of taste, nutrition and simplicity with your favorite beef cuts.

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Mediterranean Diet-Inspired Recipes

Incorporating lean red meat into a Mediterranean-style eating pattern can help support heart health. These delicious Mediterranean Diet inspired recipes include plenty of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

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Health Professionals

Acknowledging the crucial role health professionals and nutrition educators play in guiding Californians towards healthier lifestyles, the California Beef Council is dedicated to assisting you in your role. Our commitment includes offering evidence-based educational opportunities. 

Resources For Health Professionals