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Grilling season? This is California, the place that gave the culinary world Tri-Tip! Why restrict Grilling Greatness to a single season?!

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Taco Time!

What is it about tacos? Delicious beef…an indulgent variety of Hispanic-style cheese and crema from California…warm tortillas…add a Margarita and it’s a work of art.   Here in California, “Taco Time” may be all the time, but right now you can visit for savings on Beef, Real California Cheese and Crema, and Camarena Tequila. Plus, great taco and Margarita recipes!

Meet a California Rancher!

Celeste Settrini and her family run the Settrini Ranch, a cow-calf ranch that has been in her family for more than 100 years. You may see Celeste on TV this summer as we showcase just one of the many cattle ranchers who produce beef in California.   Click here to learn more about modern ranching, animal care, and sustainability.

Open Space

California rancher Celeste Settrini talks about cattle having room to roam.

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Animal Care

California rancher Celeste Settrini shares how animal care is her top priority.

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Sustainable Practices

California rancher Celeste Settrini talks about the people behind your beef.

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Animal Care & the Modern Rancher

Cattle ranchers work diligently to manage their cattle for optimum health. It begins with proper nutrition. Whether out on grass or in a feedyard, they work with nutritionists to make sure the cattle are receiving the right balance of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Ranchers also work with their veterinarian to determine the disease risks their cattle may face and develop a "herd health plan" to minimize those risks.

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Try These Simple Steak Swaps!

Whether a favorite beef cut isn't available at the grocery store or there's a desire to try something new, beef's variety and versatility mean there are almost endless options.

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California Local Beef Directory

If you're a California shopper interested in purchasing beef directly from California's ranchers, our California Local Beef Directory can help you connect to California ranchers and beef producers who sell direct to consumers.

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