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Grilling season? This is California, the place that gave the culinary world Tri-Tip! Why restrict Grilling Greatness to a single season?!

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Batch Cooking

Batch cooking saves time and money, and allows you to plan nutritious, balanced meals that are ready to go. Learn more about batch cooking roasts and steaks here!

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Animal Care & the Modern Rancher

Cattle ranchers work diligently to manage their cattle for optimum health. It begins with proper nutrition. Whether out on grass or in a feedyard, they work with nutritionists to make sure the cattle are receiving the right balance of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Ranchers also work with their veterinarian to determine the disease risks their cattle may face and develop a "herd health plan" to minimize those risks.

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STRENGTH 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan

The essential nutrients found in beef provide our bodies and minds with the fuel we need to be the strongest version of ourselves. Download your copy of the STRENGTH 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan for 7 days of menus that showcase how beef can be incorporated into a healthy eating pattern, distributing protein intake evenly throughout the day.

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California Local Beef Directory

If you're a California shopper interested in purchasing beef directly from California's ranchers, our California Local Beef Directory can help you connect to California ranchers and beef producers who sell direct to consumers.

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