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Grilling season? This is California, the place that gave the culinary world Tri-Tip! Why restrict Grilling Greatness to a single season?!

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No stadium? No problem!

Football season is a little different this year...there's no doubt about it. But we say, "No stadium? No problem!" Call an audible and shift your TAILGATE to a HOMEGATE!
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Check out these 10 grilling tips from Whitney Bond.

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Can't Find Your Favorite Cut?

We've got you covered! You can access this Beef Cut Substitutions Chart for simple steps to see what other beef cuts you can substitute in your recipe. Just click here for the chart and follow these simple steps:

1. What Beef cut does the recipe call for? Find that cut on the chart.

2. What type of recipe is it? (Kabob, salad, stir-fry...)

3. Use the guide to find a Beef cut in the same recipe type category.

4. Once you've ID'd your Beef cut substitute make sure to use the same quantity of Beef in pounds or ounces called for by the recipe.

store, defrost, prepare

Beef Safety At Home

With more time at home, consumers can confidently reach for beef as a reliable staple to nourish themselves and their families.

To ensure you're armed with the information you need to have the best eating experience with beef, the Beef Checkoff has some quick tips on how to safely handle and prepare beef when cooking at home.

Tips for Beef Safety at Home


COVID-19 and Beef: Frequently Asked Questions


safety in the beef lifecycle

Beef Safety From the Farm To Your Fork

Everyone plays an important role in beef safety--from the cattle ranchers and beef producers who continually invest in and learn from beef safety research studies to the various government entities that are responsible for enacting and overseeing food safety regulation and inspections. Even you--when you select, purchase and prepare beef--play a vital role in maintaining beef safety standards when it comes to proper food handling and cooking practices.

Find out more about the essential function that safety plays across the beef lifecycle journey from the pasture to your plate.

Find Out How Everyone Plays a Role in the Safety of Beef

Batch Cooking Basics

Families are adjusting to more time at home, and the Beef Checkoff is offering tips and ideas for batch cooking and leftovers to ensure meal planning is stress-free and packs a nutritious punch. Learn more about planning ahead in the kitchen.

Batch Cooking Basics from Beef. It's What's for Dinner

One Dish Meals

Meals like this One-Dish Beef Stroganoff keep it simple with all the ingredients in one skillet, pot or dish. With new routines at home, something that takes some of the stress out of meal prep can be a welcome relief.

One Dish Meals from Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Resources for Producers

Thank you to our ranchers, dairy farmers and beef producers who are continuing to work to ensure a safe, wholesome food supply during this challenging time. We've curated a number of links to resources that may be helpful to you. 

Producer Resources

Education Resources

A lot of parents are looking for educational resources to use at home. The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom provides a variety of resources for those educating students in grades K-12. Download resources or use their online request form to order a set at no cost.

Beef Education Resources from California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom