Chef Joe Sasto

California-based acclaimed chef and culinary creator Joe Sasto has appeared on Bravo's "Top Chef" and Food Network's "Chopped," and has partnered with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) as part of their "Beef Substitutes" video series with his "Peking Chuck" recipe. Now Joe brings his unique style to the California Beef Council with three new dishes.


Triple Seared Steak

This triple sear method is a unique way of grilling steak to achieve a perfect, well-seasoned cut of beef and a beautiful crust every time. The short resting periods in the different liquids allow the pores in the meat to expand and absorb the additional moisture and seasoning, resulting in a flavorful and tender cut of meat.

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"I like serving this style of beef with crispy herbs and a citrus kosho. 
Traditionally, you can find it served with wasabi or a sprinkling of sancho peppercorns." --Chef Joe


Steak Night 101 & Sauce Choron

We're all familiar with the classic steak sauce hollandaise, but with summer months upon us, it only makes sense to lean into the ingredients and utilize the sweet summer tomatoes, and easily make a classic Sauce Choron for your next steak night.

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  Pro-Tip: "I will occasionally add a small scoop of tofu to my hollandaise base to assist in emulsification and stabilization. Great if you need to make this sauce in advance to keep warm, or you're worried about it breaking." --Chef Joe


Sweet & Spicy Glazed Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are one of my favorite choices when entertaining. They can be braised and prepared in advance. You can even speed things up by using a pressure cooker and have them finished in only 45 minutes. Once cooked, the ribs can be finished on the grill or in a pan, perfect for wherever or whenever you are.

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Pro-Tip: "Don't be afraid to ask your butcher to use their bandsaw to 
cut the ribs into smaller handheld sizes. They are always happy to help!" --Chef Joe

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